Mike saunders

Some I prepared earlier...

I've had the pleasure of producing successful design for great clients and agencies over the years. Here is a small sample.



A selection of ads I've produced.

Pan-African finance advertising for Brand Communications, London. Retouching – multi-part comp, working with a Photographer, Account Director, Copywriter and Creative Director (Ben Millar). This ad "runs" across over 30 African countries.

Pan-African finance advertising for Brand Communications, London. Illustration conversions from the TV campaign to work in print. Re-drawing the hand, bank card, phone and laptop for optimum standout standout in print.

Healthcare advertising for Canada Life (Agency - The Riot Squad, Bedford). Working with the Illustrator Elliott Quince, we produced a series of trade ads that really stood out in the often sterile world of corporate health insurance.

National campaign for Vauxhall, coverage included OOH, press and trade advertising (Agency - BMB, CD Iain Hills).



Having cut my teeth as a Senior Creative Artworker at The Partners, London, I'm adept at crafting master artworks through to nuts-and-bolts branding roll-out.  I've used this experience on many high profile projects since, including this one for Vauxhall Motors (for BMB).

Brochure and catalogue work


I have over 20 years' experience designing, managing and producing brochures in all formats, and many languages.

Event competition handout for Saab GB (Agency, BMB).

Interim/event product catalogue for Make International and BBC Great British Throwdown Judge, Keith Brymer-Jones (Agency, Narrative Industries, Bedford). Design, retouching and artwork.

Guide book for the annual Tringe comedy festival. Always sold out, the festival is a feature on the comedy circuit calendar and includes many household names. Work completed for Get Stuffed Comedy and Four Seconds Ltd.

CenterParcs brochures, pre-2010 for BMB, Luton.

Product brochures, icons and diagrams for Heatline (part of the Vaillant Group), for BMB, Luton.



I started fixing images using Photoshop 1.0 and haven't stopped since. Here is a before-and-after for one of London's premium boutique hotels, The Athanaeum. The work was completed for FourIV, London.


The brief...

The approved result.

Interior design and illustrative work

One of my favourite and most challenging projects was for a luxury brand's flagship store in Taipei. Working with an interior designer we created and merged "Rothko" effect patterns with a geometric  tonal pattern . The design started as blue ink soaked into heavy paper, and the natural soft patterns were worked up to fit glass cases that created a frame. (Agency, FourIV, London)

These monograms were potential designs worked up from sketch for Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei.